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Alumni Schools Programme




  1. Introduction


The NMMU Alumni Relations Directorate (ARD) was approached by a number of schools to assist them with setting up past pupil associations. Support is required for the development of schools especially schools in disadvantaged communities. The performance of schools are important to society and especially higher education institutions such as NMMU which is dependent on the schooling sector for students. In many disadvantaged schools there is a desperate need for role models, community involvement and support to ensure that school facilities are maintained and education takes place in a condusive environment. The Past Pupil Project is an attempt by NMMU Alumni Relations to share expertise and contribute to school development.

  1. A Community development, engagement and support programme:
  • To assist schools as a collective group to set-up their own past pupil programmes
  • To share experiences and best practice
  • Schools are expected to drive their own initiatives and have their own internal and past pupil champions
  • There is no capacity to support individual school projects
  • Schools must have a school development or improvement plan and show progress or a strong commitment and a vision to change a situation


  1. The NMMU Alumni Relations Directorate’s Past Pupil Project (PPP) include two levels of support:
  • Annual open information sessions and workshops for schools, supported by the DoE, to share information about setting up past pupil associations and driving such a programme;
  • Sponsored (external funders) school level interventions to assist with setting up the basic communication and support solicitation structures such as developing a basic corporate identity, setting up a basic website, setting up a facebook page; producing a basic information pamphlet and membership form and assisting with setting up a support structure.


  1. Workshops held for high schools in PE and Uitenhage districts:
  • Strategies to involve alumni in school development x2
  • The website & social media as tools for alumni engagement x2



  1. The Northern Areas People Development Initiative (Napdi) and the NMMU Alumni partnership:


  • The first phase of the Napdi/NMMU Past Pupil Programme 2014/2015 involved general workshops in collaboration with the DoE to inform schools  about the value of past pupils as a resource to assist in the development of schools in various ways eg acting as role models, mentors, donors, connecting the school with donors, helping maintain the school and supporting school projects in general.


  • Broad strategic objectives of the joint Programme:


(a)  Schools have to write up their own history (understanding where they come from)

(b)  Schools have to supply their vision and schools (knowing where they going)

(c)  Schools have to provide information on notable past pupils (a sense of pride)

(d)  Schools have to provide information on planned events (a vibrant school)

(e)  Schools have to provide information on how past pupils can assist. (school development)


  • The programme included funding to set-up websites for the public high schools and an equivalent number of primary schools (tbc) in the NA’s:


  1. Arcadia
  2. Bertram
  3. Bethelsdorp
  4. Booysen Park
  5. Chapman
  6. Chatty
  7. David Livingstone
  8. Gelvandale
  9. Hillside
  10. Paterson
  11. St James
  12. Sanctor
  13. Woolhope



  • The programme further supported setting up a forum of Past Pupil Associations so share experiences and best practice.



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